Tom of Finland, Untitled, c. 1965
Sanya Kantarovsky, The Master is Released: Behemoth cut himself a slice of pineapple, salted and peppered it, ate it and chased it down with a second glass of spirit with a flourish that earned a round of applause., 2015
Nasreen Mohamedi, Untitled, ca 1980
Tom Burr, Comfortably Numb, 2009
Linder, Untitled, 2012
Katy Moran, one year on, 2010
Nasreen Mohamedi, Untitled (Photograph 2), ca 1960s
Steven Shearer, M.F. II, 2008
Yngve Holen, Parasagittal Brain
Karla Black, Blame What's Really There, 2012